Friday, August 29, 2008

Pantyhose on Tokyo Train part 1

“This is outrageous,” I cried out in disbelief, “you can’t possibly be suggesting I should go along with this!”

“Well,” said Bret, “it’s the only way to settle your debt with these guys.”

I kept shaking my head ignorantly, unwilling to accept the reality and the fact that my best friend is suggesting this to me. In a way it’s kind of my fault; come to think about it after I’ve moved to Tokyo I’ve done nothing but getting into debt; there are so many new things to buy, so much new stuff and places for me to explore, and for a very attractive European girl like myself I deserve the best.

During the past six months I’ve gone through four boyfriends. The last one was a very wealthy one, a typical image of a young successful Japanese salary man. He worked for a wall-street firm located in the heart of Tokyo’s most respected business district. Getting a six-figure salary in his late twenties allowed him many luxuries in life. He showered me with presents from the cutest outfits to the latest high tech gadgets. Unfortunately the good times lasted only a month. It didn’t take him long to realize the logical thing to do was to marry a career woman and further boost his corporate status. His fling with some exotic European girl such as myself was purely for pleasure. Anyways, to get to the matter at hand I have to either accept this proposal or find some other ways to meet my debt.

Having a wealthy boyfriend, ex-boyfriend I should add, I was able to live in his beautiful condo for free, and because he paid for literally everything I never bothered to find a job. Soon after the break up I realized how fast my savings dwindled down to a negative figure and that was not the first mistake I made. The biggest regret came from my stupid decision to borrow some fast money from what the locals call them-loan sharks. They were able to provide cash without any collaterals or credit check. It seemed too good to be true, but the catch was the high interest associated with the loans.

“Wake up, Alicia wake up and smell reality,” urged Bret, “This money loan business is run by organized crimes here in Japan; they are not just some street gangs; this is huge business, and if they demand you to do this, you had better accept their offers.”

“But this…” I stuttered, “I might as well whore myself out for all you are suggesting; and I have to wear some office lady costume with pantyhose; this is unbelievable.”

Bret stared at me blandly, “okay, what other alternatives do you have?”

He shook his head and said, “come on, it’s not that bad. Let’s go over this again; they are going to dress you up in some kinky outfit and grope you on the train; so what? big deal, the train here is so packed, no one would notice anything.” He shrugged his shoulders and continued, “Think about it, you can stand at the corner and let him have his ways with you; no one would see or notice; he’s probably going to be really settle about it too.”

“And they will clear up all my debt of eleven thousand dollars,” I asked incredulously, “you are sure they don’t have some sick plans to gang rape me or something?”

“On a train?” Bret shot back, “Filled with ordinary people? Come on, they are willing to square up the debt in exchange for this favour from you. You are lucky you are hot. Other wise I don’t think any other girl can get away with it this easily, probably just some old guy with a fantasy to grope a pantyhose girl in public or something.”

I pursed my lips, “all right tell me more about this then; I don’t think I really have a choice any more…”

“Okay,” said Bret approvingly, “Here’s the details they requested; you have to dress up in OL—office lady

uniform with skin-colored pantyhose. They will actually provide the clothing for you ahead of time. You are to board the Shookasen line at South Terminal at exactly 9:45am”

“Which one?” I asked, “The Shookasen has like ten compartments, which one should I get on?”

“I guess they will specify that later,” said Bret impatiently, “Anyways, you are to stand there quietly until someone approaches you. He will start touching you from behind. At this point you cannot make any noise; just act normal. And when he’s done, you are off the hook.”

So just like that I found myself standing at the corner of the train, facing the wall. Bret was right; it was super packed. Shoulder-against-shoulder I had a hard time wading through the crowds to arrive at the corner. The train was moving along slowly making a quiet humming noise.

Everyone else seemed to be engrossed in their morning newspapers—they were all business people. I was glad I didn’t stand out; well except for my European looks, I was wearing a very basic OL uniform just like some of the other ladies on the train. The skirt wasn’t as short as I expected; it actually reached just an inch above my knees when standing. The pumps were perfectly normal too, nothing too crazy like some 4inch fuck-me-heels. But the pantyhose, oh the pantyhose was one of a kind. I’ve had this brand before but not of this type. It was a pair of beige colored seamless pantyhose from wolford. It was very sensual. The panty they have chosen for me was more like a thong though, just barely enough to cover anything. I’d have to say whomever was coming for me has good taste in nylon wear.

So just standing their like any other ordinary business woman on her way to work, I hugged my purse a little closer to me, reassuring that this was not all a wild dream.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Slutty Jenny Part 1

Jen didn’t really know what to expect until she felt him reaching into her skirt; her protest was muffled by the nylons stuffed into her mouth. The mixture of fear, anxiety and thrill surged through her nervous system like a bolt of lighting.

His hand was fast; it seemed to never linger in one place too long, yet it stayed just long enough to trickle the sensation of such massive volumes of intense pleasure; through this rampage of sensual assault Mat had found his way between her nyloned legs.

Furiously attacking Jen’s pussy, while the other hand roamed wildly to cup her breast; his fingers worked miracles through the pantyhose. The moist of Jen’s juice spread a patch across the control-top and with no panties you could see her pussy vibrating to the rhythm of his skilled hand.

Even with the muffled voice, you could make out her moaning; at first it was a settle melody, but eventually it built up to the deep roars of a woman displaying her most intense satisfactions. From the moans you could feel her desire to wanting more and more.

Suddenly he halted, and time itself seemed to cease for a brief moment, and with just the slightest contact, he draped his fingers over her pussy. Jenny gushed out a moan before it was quickly over shadowed by waves of deep breathing; all of them rushing and overlapping each other as if the tides of pleasure relentlessly splashing into the shores of a woman’s highest sexual reception.

His fingers remained still, so precariously rested above the most sensitive part of a woman’s body, just barely making contact. Suddenly Jenny felt a strong surge of power overwhelming her body and could not help her self to scream out pleasure as her thighs and hip quivered uncontrollably. She could have never believed that her orgasm could be reached this fast and this violent but little did she know; this was only the build up of much more to come. It was just only the first of many for tonight.

Still standing there, with her black mini skirt hiked above the waist, Jenny tried with all her effort to maintain her grip on the door frames. That rush of orgasm left her feeling weakened but it also awakened something inside her, a desire for more, for something even stronger and more intense, if that is possible. Still feeling her pointy heels digging into the carpeted floor, she arched her feet more and tried to shift her weight backwards to lean on Mat for support. Her blouse is ruined, buttons ripped, the bra must have fell off at some point, because she could see her nipples pointing straight outwards.

It was hard to imagine that such rush of orgasm could be achieved just standing there before the bedroom. Jen didn’t understand why Mat couldn’t wait till they have reached the bed. But still standing there by the door frame, the two remained entangled.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pantyhose Nurse Part1

This was my second week visiting this patient. I should mention that our little “sessions” have far exceeded the prior agreement, and have just recently been escaladed into new highs. I must also admit I had definitely enjoyed some of the sessions, if not all of those adrenalin-filled night shifts. Today was supposed to be another routine for us, but only this time, I have to face the reality that I am starting to look forward to it.

He greeted me with a casual grin that warned me of what devious plans could be lurking in his mind. It was the same as before. I get changed into the “new” uniform while he anticipates with the blinds closed. Only this time, he specified not to wear any panties beneath the sheer to waist white pantyhose. I followed his instructions, closed the blinds, leaving him still slouching in his bed. The night shifts at this privately held hospital consists of only one nurse on staff, namely me. So this leaves lots of privacy for us to conduct many things… if not for that accident happened last week I would not have found myself in this situation, meeting up to his demand every session and only to find myself plunging deeper into his wicked schemes of nylon fantasy.

I strolled quietly to the corner of the room, away from the dimmed light and found myself standing before the mirror and the stand where he had already prepared for my “flavour of the day” uniform for tonight. Come to think about it, costume would be the better noun for his pantyhose themed fantasies.

I felt my heart pace faster as I slipped down my nurse uniform and stood alone in the room. I could see his silhouette behind the curtain blinds, intently watching me; I could even make out his grins. Unhooking my bras with one arm, my left hand caressed over my nylon covered thighs. Bending forward I continued to explore the nylon ecstasy touching my skin, my other hand let the bra freefall to the floor.

I am now fully naked except for the encasement of the pantyhose. So silky smooth, the sensation of nylon; it seems like the sheer finesse of pantyhose was tinkling a million parts of my body…Just to be wearing it makes me feel so enriched. The cool draft that sifted through the windows aroused me even more. It was suddenly so awfully quiet. My breathing was getting heavy.

As if guided by an invisible force, I started to gradually scroll down my hose from the waist to the knees and finally leaving the nylon dangling around my ankles. Next is to un-strap my heels; carefully stepping out of them without running the nylons. I paused for another moment, staring at myself in the mirror. The pair of 3inch heels has been kicked aside while I stood there with the pantyhose around my ankles and the matching white lacy panties hugging me tightly between the legs. It was turning me on just to look at myself.

I rubbed my pussy ever so lightly through the panties and quickly stopped myself. Once again, my heart accelerates as I recall the sensation of him rubbing me through the pantyhose last week. Of course, I was wearing panties underneath, so he had to shove it aside with one hand while has other hand worked wonders to my tenderly lips of female beauty. He didn’t ask me to remove the hose; he actually enjoyed teasing me with it. We both felt the friction between the nylon and my pussy was exhilarating; I remembered every inch of detail as his hand first crawled into my pantyhose. He had to crook his fingers to keep holding the panties away from my pussy, while his right hand teased me from the outside. Rubbing his palm with an upward motion he pressed the pantyhose against my moist pussy, and slowly he built up a patch of wet spot between the seams of the control-top. I wore the same type of pantyhose every session--white, sheer-to-waist with no cotton gusset.